AMD Ryzen 3 3200G and Ryzen 5 3400G – new AMD APU

AMD introduced new APU processors. Ryzen processors with an additional G letter are units with an integrated AMD Vega graphics processor. These processors allow you to play less demanding games. AMD made a bit of a fuss because the first processors of the ryuzen APU series called Raven Ridge debuted together with the refreshed ryzen processors based on the zen+ architecture and the manufacturer also assigned them to the ryzen 2000 series processors even though they were based on the first zen architecture.

We recently premiered the zen2 architecture and ryzen 3000 processors, but the 3200G and 3400G APU processors are still based on the previous zen+ architecture. Compared to 2200G and 2400G processors, the technological process was changed from 14nm to 12 nm and the CPU clocks were raised by 100 MHz and the GPU by 150 MHz. TDP remained unchanged at 65W. The price also remained the same.

New processors are about 10% more efficient. 3400G beats Intel Core i3 9400 in games and professional applications.