Installing FlareSolverr on Windows

FlareSolverr is a proxy server to bypass Cloudflare. It can be used, for example, with indexer managers such as Jackett or Prowlarr.

There are plenty of guides to install FlareSolverr on Linux. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find tips for windows. FlareSolverr for windows comes pre-compiled in binary form, just unpack the archive and run the exe file. The archive in this form is provided only for the x64 bit architecture. You can also install FlareSolverr from sources according to the guide on the project website.

Unfortunately, FlareSolverr in binary form does not start itself with the system, which is useful when we use, for example, an indexer manager such as Jackett or Prowlarr. To run FlareSolverr hidden as the system startup, add the program to the task scheduler.

How to run FlareSolverr at system startup

To add FlareSolverr to the autostar, we will use a ready-made script that we download from here.

Copy the script to the FlareSolverr directory, by default it is C:\ProgramData\flaresolverr. If you want to use a different directory, correct the paths in the files in the autostart directory.

Then we run the command line with administrator privileges and enter:


After that, FlareSolverr should start about 30s after system boot. To check if it works, go to the following address in your browser:


To remove FlareSolverr from the schedule, enter the following command at the command prompt: