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In order to use the site, it is necessary to agree to the use of cookies to track (analyze) traffic and to collect, share and use personal data for personalized ads, which includes remarketing tags and conversion tags. User data is used to create even better and tailored content of this site. This is done through Google Analitics and Google Adsense. The data is secure and all stakeholders care about it and privacy. Google and its clients are independent administrators of personal data in the Adsense and Analitics services. You can read more about how Google uses data from websites HERE and HERE. Users have the right to request access to data, rectify, delete or limit their processing. They may also withdraw their consent to the processing of personal data by clearing cookies. Cookies To ensure the smooth functioning of the portal, we sometimes place small files on the user’s computer (or other device) – so-called cookies (“cookies”). Most large websites do the same. A “cookie” is a small text file that a website saves on a computer or mobile device of an internet user when he or she browses it. This page can thus remember for a long time activities and preferences of the Internet user (such as username, language, font size and other options). Thanks to this, the user does not have to enter the same information each time he or she returns to this page or switches from one page to another. You can control and delete cookies yourself – details are available at You can delete all cookies placed on your computer, and in most browsers, choose a setting that prevents them from being installed. In this case, you may need to adjust some preferences each time you visit a given page, and some options and services may not be available.