AMD Athlon 3000G – cheap unlocked processor

Along with the announcement of the top AMD Ryzen 3950X and Ryzen Threadripper 3960X and Ryzen Threadripper 3970X processors from the HEDT segment, the company also presented the cheapest AMD Athlon 3000G model. This processor is expected to cost only $ 49 and is designed for the cheapest sets, including office ones. This processor will also be great for HTPC.

Like previous models, Athlon will be equipped with two physical cores and four threads. The clock will be 3.5 GHz and the multiplier will be unlocked, which will allow the processor to overclock. So it will be the cheapest processor with an unlocked multiplier.

Compared to previous models, the graphics unit has been accelerated by 100 MHz. Despite the increased performance, the TDP remained at a low level of 35 W. The company compared the processor to the Intel Pentium G5400 model, showing the test results from which the new Athlon comes out victorious.

The new Athlon 3000G will be available on November 19.