Low-profile Alpenföhn Black Ridge cooler

I would like to present today the cooling of the German Alpenföhn Black Ridge brand. The cooling has dimensions of 140 x 120 x 47 mm, so only 47 mm high and its weight is 438 grams. Due to its size, it can be a good choice for not very high HTPC housings and other systems based on mITX boards.

The cooling is made of an aluminum heat sink, six nickel-plated copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6 millimeters, a nickel-plated copper base and a single 92 mm fan. The fan has a thickness of 15 millimeters, is equipped with an FDB bearing and a 4-pin plug. Its rotational speed is from 800 to 2800 revolutions per minute with a capacity of up to 80.03 m3 / h and working culture from 14 to 37.6 dB (A). The declared performance is TDP up to 95 W.

Cooling is compatible with newer and older Intel processors using the LGA 1151, 1150, 1155 or 1156 socket as well as AMD AM4, AM3 (+), AM2 (+) and FM1. When mounting on Mini ITX standard boards, there is no problem covering the PCI Express slot, and the RAM modules can be up to 33 millimeters high.

As I do not have this cooling, I will attach links to the pages where this cooling was tested:

Tests have shown that this cooling is doing better than the factory AMD Wraith Stealth and slightly worse than Wraith Prism. However, it is not AMD cooling that is its competitor, but other low-profile constructions. The main competitor is Noctua NH-L9a / H-L9i and here both results and price are similar. Cryoring C7 is cheaper, but also slightly less efficient.