First picture of AMD Ryzen 7 4700G

The premiere of the desktop APU Renoir is slowly approaching. First, the leak appeared with the specifications of the upcoming desktop APU Ryzen 4000, and now the leaked image of the Ryzen 7 4700G processor.

Igor Wallosek z Igor’s Lab opublikował kompletną specyfikację procesorów APU Ryzen Renoir. Są to układy łączące CPU Zen 2 oraz iGPU Vega, które pozwolą na grę bez dedykowanej karty graficznej. Jednostki będą miały od 4 rdeni i 8 wątków do nawet 8 rdzeni i 16 wątków. TDP będzie wynosić 35W i 65W. procesory będą kompatybilne z gniazdem AM4.

On the disclosed photo of the Ryzen 4700G processor, you can observe No. 100-000000146. It was thus confirmed that the Ryzen 7 4700G will indeed be the first 8-core and 16-thread APU on the market.

The number of CU blocks of the graphics system is 8 instead of 11, as in the flagship models of the 3000G series. On the plus side, considerably higher GPU clock speeds of up to 2100 MHz. The TDP was also confirmed, set at 65 W. So they promise to be very efficient APU. Until now, APU from AMD competed with cheaper Intel processors, this time we can expect performance at the level of even core i7.